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  • Safer Way to Take off Masks - No need to touch your face or roll the mask down your chin when taking it off. Just clip it to this face mask chain, and you can easily remove and wear it while keeping it safe from coming in contact with dirty surfaces.

  • Keeps Your Mask Within Reach - Our mask lanyard lets you access your disposable mask when needed. You can quickly remove or wear your disposable face masks without any hassle.

  • Secures Your Medical Masks - Designed with tough clips, our mask holder can keep your disposable face mask in place. There’s no need to keep your mask dangling from one ear or risk having it blown away when you take it off.

  • Never Lose Your Mask Again - Keep your mask with you at all times with our colorful mask lanyards for women and men! You don’t have to stuff your medical masks in your pocket or bag whenever you take it off, making this the more hygienic choice.

  • Keeps Elastics from Being Stretched out - Mask straps become loose if you slide the mask under your chin to take it off. To keep yourself from getting tempted to do this, wear our beaded necklace for masks.

  • Face Mask Holder Stylish With Clips Women Girls Made in USA Safe Comfortable Decorative Lanyard Strap Necklace Jewelry Chain