Apple pie (serves 8 to 10)

April 7, 2019

Apple pie is one of the child hood favourites.  Looking at my recipes online, I seem to have a few varied versions.  In this recipe I have gone right back to how we used to make it fresh from start to finish.  Keeping things simple always works for me.  This is uncomplicated, delicious indulgence.  This can be served with some homemade vanilla bean ice cream, double cream or Greek yogurt if you fancy keeping the calories down.




For the pasty -

225g butter (cold and grated into a bowl),

50g Golden Caster sugar (I use Billingtons every time),

2 x Eggs,


For the apple filling -

350g Plain flour (I use marriages flour)

3 x Bramley Apples (sliced, washed and patted dry),

140g Golden Caster sugar,

Half Tsp of cinnamon,

3 x TBSP of plain flour.




  1. First up is the pastry as it will need to be chilled.  In a clean bowl add ll the pastry ingredients,

  2. Using your hands in a rolling motion, bring mix the ingredients until all has combined and you have a smooth pastry dough ball,

  3. Wrap the pastry in clingfilm and place into the fridge for 30 mins to an hour,

  4. Pre-Heat oven to 170 /Gas mark 5,

  5. Grease a pie / flan dish (8 inch),

  6. Take the pastry out of the fridge and cut in half,

  7. On a floured surface, roll out the first half to an inch bigger than your baking dish, the excess should hang down the side,

  8. In another clean bowl, add the apple filling ingredients and mix well,

  9. Layer the apple mixture onto the pastry in your baking dish,

  10. Roll out the second half of your pastry big enough to cover the top of your baking dish,

  11. Trim the sides, and make sure that the pastry is sealed all round.  You can use a fork to press down lightly,

  12. Brush the top of the pie with egg white, and then make a small hole in the middle of the pastry to allow for the steam to escape,

  13. Bake for 40 to 45 minutes and then leave to cool,

  14. Can be eaten warm or even cold.  Tastes even more better the next day.











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