Pistachio Ice Cream (Makes around 1.5 litres)

June 17, 2017



This tops the trump cards in my family for ice cream flavours, with chocolate or lemon coming in close second.  I had made this on impulse one evening to go with chocolate brownies I was serving for a dinner party, and now I am totally addicted.  It is a cheats version, unlike my other ice cream recipes, but sometimes we need that little bit of time saving.  Note the recipe is used in a churner, however there is nothing stopping you from putting the mix into the freezer once you have mixed it well.  Half the mixture if you want to make less, but this stores so well in the freezer, it be rude not to make a reserve.



  • 230g Unshelled pistachios

  • 600ml Single cream

  • 500ml Custard (I use M&S Madagascan custard)

  • 80g Golden caster sugar


  1. In a food processor, grind the pistachios to a fine powder (I like it a little grainy so I can taste the pistachio),

  2. In a clean bowl, add all the ingredients and whisk together,

  3. Cover the bowl and place into the fridge for an hour until well chilled,

  4. Add the mixture to an ice-cream churner for 30 minutes,

  5. Spoon mixture into a 2ltr tub and place into the freezer for a few hours,

  6. Enjoy with a slice of brownie, fruits or just on its own.

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