Breakfast Granola Bars (6-12 portions)

April 27, 2017






These are so tasty and easy to make.  I make these for them weeks we are too busy to stop and have breakfast, or just as a go to snack in-between meals. My partner loves these, it just trying to make them last longer than a week which is difficult. Pick the right dates, as the small ones or dryer ones won’t work here.



  • 220g Medjool dates (go for the boxed variety),

  • 55g crunchy peanut butter (I love Whole Earth),

  • 60ml of agave nectar,

  • 100g almonds,

  • 250g jumbo oats,

  • 50g dried cranberry / raisins / goldenberry or seed mix.


  1. In a preheated oven at 180/gas mark 3, toast the oats and almonds until golden. Keep an eye that they do not burn and shake often,

  2. Meanwhile, in a small milk pan melt the peanut butter and nectar and set aside,

  3. Stone the dates and add to a food processor and blend so the mixture clumps and smooth,

  4. Once the nuts are toasted, and the wet mix has melted put everything into a clean bowl inclusive of the optional dried fruits / seeds and mix,

  5. When combined, transfer the mix to a small rectangular dish.  I normally layer a piece of cling film in the dish,  then the mix and then another layer of cling film on top as it stops your hands getting all mucky.  I then flatten the mix to about 1-2cm deep and pop it into the fridge for an hour or so for the mix to harden,

  6. When fully chilled, pull mixture carefully out of the dish and place onto a chopping board.  You should be able to make between 6-12 portions. I generally wrap each portion in some greaseproof / baking paper and leave in the fridge until I am ready to eat.  





















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